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At 10X we’re all about transparency. So we wanted to tell you a bit about the journey our supplements take to end up in your shaker!

We have 30 years of innovating sports supplements. At 10X we always look for the most innovative and effective products and ingredients in the market to provide the best flavour and nutrition for our customers.

Safety and transparency are our top priority. So, once the formulations and dosages are agreed, we check with Informed Sports that these ingredients can get accreditation. Then we workshop our new ideas with gyms, personal trainers and customers, getting feedback from the best in the game. 

Our products need to not only taste great but meet our exceptionally high standards. We pass our ideas on to our factory partners and flavouring houses who will either match our products to flavours we love or create new flavours to meet our flavour profile. We’ve travelled to more than 20 factories, flavour houses and ingredient suppliers and work with highly specialised flavour scientists to achieve that 10X taste. These specialists understand how to create the premium quality proteins that not only deliver quality nutrients, but also generate the superior taste and texture that our customers love. We do the same for our non-proteins to create delicious, crisp and refreshing non protein hydration drinks and pre-workouts.

Our factory then proceeds to create sample batches based on our flavour profiles to test, taste and modify. We visit the factories to complete the process and modify details such as the smoothness or tart/bitterness, amount of flavouring, sweetener or liquid to add. These are the sort of details that set 10X apart from the competition. The flavours are then tested with the team and a selection of our customers for feedback.

Once the formulations are finalised, the flavours are agreed upon, and the packaging has been signed off, we are ready to go into the manufacturing phase. As all of our products are Informed Sports certified, every ingredient, how they are stored, packaged, contamination-proofed, temperature-controlled, blended and finished (including how the production facility cleans all their machines) is checked under very strict conditions otherwise the criteria will not be met.

Once our products are packaged and labelled, they are then shipped to our UK, UAE and USA offices. On each manufacturing run, our products are batch tested directly from the factory and randomly tested throughout the year. These tests confirm the products have not been contaminated and match our label claims. This is why you can trust your nutrition when you buy 10X Athletic products!

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